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Something for Nothing

by Ray Kosmick and his Porn Groove Crew

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Something for Nothing is the first full-length album by Ray Kosmick and His Porn Groove Crew.

All tracks written, arranged and recorded by Borut Praper (a.k.a. Ray Kosmick). All of the noise made by Ray Kosmick, be it organic, synthetic, electric, acoustic, or any combination thereof. Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by who else but Ray Kosmick in S.U.R. Studio (studio.sur.si), Berlin, in 2013 & 2014. All of the kinky artwork has been taken from the superb cartoons by Mr. Rok Predin, with his kind permission, of course. Do yourself a favour and check him out on Vimeo (vimeo.com/rokpredin).


Ray Kosmick is an artiste extraordinaire - besides playing drums, percussion, keyboards, bass, guitar, tables, chairs, floors, bottles, beer cans and any other objects he might come across, he is also his own producer, arranger, sound engineer, mixing and mastering engineer, fitness trainer, janitor, domestic cleanliness engineer, waiter, cook, lyricist, screenwriter, costumes designer, makeup artist, as well as roadie and groupie. Despite the fact that the listeners of his monumental works are few and far between, he remains convinced he has a bit of a knack for making music. Still, he has not recorded any hit singles yet.

Ray's undying wish is to make soundtracks for big-budget porn, and earning a cut of those budgets, too - hence his "Ray Kosmick and His Porn Groove Crew" project, which actually consists of only himself. Every year Ray attends the Venus Porn Fair in Berlin, Germany, and tells everyone there "Guten Tag, ich bin Ray Kosmick und ich bin ein Porn Groove Meister," which about wraps up his knowledge of German. As a rule, the porn industry professionals who have the misfortune of hearing the tunes by "Ray Kosmick and His Porn Groove Crew" in the context of erotic films of any quality and/or subgenre soon realise that Ray's love of baroque audio drama, elaborate rhythmic embroidery, psychedelic escapades and inclination towards maximalism might not fit their productions too well. The kinder among them then tell Ray that he tends to go over the top a bit, while those among them with a perverted sense of humour usually laugh their asses off at how bizarre the action on the screen looks when observed while listening to Ray's soundtrack proposals. To date nobody has hired Ray and his nonexistent co-conspirators yet, even though he is respected in certain circles as a laughingstock - Ed Wood of the porn groove industry.

Despite a quite lengthy (though perhaps a bit misguided) career as a musician, Ray is, of course, always completely broke, but he still persists in his endeavours. However, he can be pretty resentful sometimes, hence the motto of his album: Something for Nothing / Nothing for Something (he keeps making music for something that doesn’t exist, and he keeps getting nothing for it). Ray claims that he composes his tunes mostly for himself, anyway, so he doesn’t give a damn about what people think. At least this is what he wants to believe, while deep down he can be as much of an attention whore as any other musician out there. Alas, Ray's talents in the public relations department are severely impaired, so his popularity is thoroughly questionable at best.


Ray Kosmick is a fictional character appearing in the novel "Cynicism Management" (getbook.at/cynmanagement) by Bori Praper. Ray will also play a part in Bori's second novel, entitled "Pendulum Pet", which is currently in the works. All the tracks by Ray Kosmick are in fact written and recorded by this same clown, Bori (Borut) Praper.

MANY THANKS: Rok Predin - all artwork has been taken from his superb cartoons, check them out at vimeo.com/rokpredin.
Rok is hereby thanked profusely for letting Ray use his wonderful works of visual art.


released April 30, 2014

Borut Praper - noise
Rok Predin - artwork




Ray Kosmick and his Porn Groove Crew Slovenia

Ray Kosmick is a fictional character appearing in the satirical novels Cynicism Management and Pendulum Pet by Bori Praper (available on Amazon). All the Ray Kosmick tracks are in fact written, recorded and produced by Borut Praper.

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